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The amazing architecture project has been finished

Recently we have completed the Damji Shamji Business 78 Project in Mumbai. There are many other projects completed by us. For further details, you can go through Our Portfolio page.

Damji Shamji Business 78 – Recently Completed Project

Damji Shamji Business 78 is a boutique luxury commercial development and is situated in a neighborhood that is already boasting of premium commercial spaces and uber-contemporary workspaces. While conceptualizing a solid interior design strategy our interior design consultants did thorough research on the existing workspaces already present in other edifices nested across the neighborhood. While working on the drawing board and its overall language we kept in mind the dynamics of today’s changing work environment which requires extensive collaboration via virtual presence technologies. This new development had to account for huddle spaces and stand-up meeting niches with provision for virtual presence hardware installation. Common Spaces and workspaces have contemporary elements that are in line with the premium business spaces that Damji Shamji Business 78 envisions to provide to all of its prospective clients. Armed with more than 30 years of experience our expert interior design consultants came up with the perfect design language for the uber premium edifice keeping the functionality intact.

Some Key Design Elements of Design Include:

• Aesthetically designed uber premium spaces
• Grandiose reception and entry
• Custom furniture designed and developed as per the design language
• Best in class sanitary and plumbing solutions
• Industry best security solutions including Digital locks

From aesthetically superior workspaces to the design language that exceeds your expectations, Business 78 is not just any other commercial edifice. It is the latest jewel in the legacy of the DS group and it is all set to become the most coveted address placed in the locality of Kanjurmarg (W). Mumbai Interior’s Industry-leading interior design expertise has conceptualized and implemented the Business 78 in line with DS group’s legacy keeping design relativity and efficiency at the core. This coupled with our in-house facility for manufacturing customized furniture put us in the best place to design and deliver a world-class commercial workspace facility that is all set to become the new landmark of Kanjurmarg (W).

Interior Designers in Mumbai – Top 7 Interior Designers in Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams and the Financial Capital of India. Many peoples in India have a dream to settle in Mumbai. But purchasing a home and then decorating the house is a hard job. No need to worried about Interior designers and turnkey solutions in Mumbai, Because Mumbai Interior is here only for you. We are the #1 Interior Designer in Mumbai for Office Interior and Commercial Space Interior Designs. There are also many other Interior Designers in Mumbai but today in this article we discuss about Top 7 Interior Designers in Mumbai. We provide you with a complete list of Interior Designers in Mumbai which will help you to find out Best Interior Designer in your city easily.

Top 7 Interior Designers in Mumbai - Mumbai InteriorHere is the Complete List of the Top 7 Interior Designers in Mumbai, Maharashtra

#1 Mumbai Interior – #1 Interior Designer in Mumbai

Name Of Company – Mumbai Interior Solutions PVT LTD

Number of Employees – 30+

Services Provided By Company– Office Interior, Commercial Space Interior, and Exterior

Projects Completed by Company- 100+ Projects

Official Website-

Service Location- Mumbai

#2 Anish Motwani – Interior Designer From Mumbai

Name Of Company- Individual Interior Designer

Number of Employees- 5

Services Provided by Anish Motwani- Home Interior & Exterior

Projects Completed- 10+

Official Website-

Service Location- Mumbai

#3 Livspace – Interior Design Service Provider Portal 

Name of Company- Livspace 

Number of Employees- 200+

Services Provided by Company- Home Interior

Projects Completed- 1000+

Official Website-

Service Location- Pan India

#4 Astral Designs- Interior Designers in Mumbai 

Name of Company- Astral Designs

Number of Employees-

Service Provided By Astral Designs- Hospitality Interior Designs

Projects Completed- 10+

Official Website-

Service Location- Mumbai

#5 AVN Interiors 

Name of Company- AVN Interiors

Number of Employees- unknown

Service Provided by AVN Interiors- Home Interiors, Office Interiors

Projects Completed- 5+

Official Website–

Service Location- Mumbai

#6 Da Namah Design Studio

Name of Company- Da Namah Design Studio

Number of Employees- Unknown

Services- Home & Office Interior Designs

Official Website-

Service Location- Mumbai

#7 Deksha Design Studio – Interior Decorators in Mumbai

Name Of Company- Deksha Design Studio Pvt Ltd

Number of Employees- Unknown

Services- Home Interior, Office Interior

Official Website-

Service Location- Mumbai

These all are the Top 7 Interior Designers in Mumbai to whom you can hire for your Project.

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House is a sacrosanct place that is not just bricks and mortar but is also made up of hopes, dreams, motivations, expectations, and a lot more. Life, as we hear and breathe, happens in the house all the time. It’s a place wherein you rest and rejuvenate for everyday challenges and get to be yourself. Needless to say, your home deserves the very best when it comes to taking care of it. in this article, we discuss the Best Ways to Take Care Of Your House.

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10 Tips for Home Renovation Projects With Pocket Friendly Budget

10 Tips for Home Renovation Projects By Mumbai Interior

You are renovating your house because you want to see it more beautiful and feel more comfortable in your house. One other reason is selling their houses by increasing house value by doing interior. So, home renovation is really necessary for us, Because the changes can bring positive effects on your life and family. In this article, we will discuss 10 Tips For Home Renovation Projects.

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Decorative lighting installation trends in 2018.

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