"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them."
- David Hicks

Every Home has a story to tell filled with hopes, dreams, achievements, and memories. It is one of the most sacrosanct spaces that nourishes, protects, and entertains. We at Mumbai Interior get involved with you to understand all the aspects and only then head towards the drawing board. From the selection of materials to the color palette our utmost priority is that the spaces should flow into each other seamlessly while still maintaining the privacy of individual residents.

Mumbai Interior believes in touching lives through delivering timeless designs that everyone adores and makes you proud of your home. Our meticulous designers make sure that we deliver premium designs time and again.


From the selection of décor to furniture our core focus is on delivering life spaces that live and breathe opulence at every nook and corner of your abode. Mumbai Interior known as the #1 Home Interior Designing Firm in Mumbai is focused on planning and delivering beautiful interior designs for all of its clients through a collaborative process of thoughtful planning and meticulous execution.

Some underlying design principles/philosophies that Mumbai Interior follow:

  • equipoise
  • language
  • Ventilation
  • Sun Light
  • Scale & Size
  • Spatial interactiveness


Detailed discussions points with our clients typically include:

  • Our findings
  • Budgeting queries
  • Marking idle spaces and discussing their usability
  • Matching theme with Décor and furniture
  • Closing on the color theme in sync with other attributes of the design
  • Finding illumination solutions in harmony with the current design language.

What We Cover When Designing Your Home Interior:

  • Your Modular Kitchen Design: A modular kitchen is one of the quintessential parts of efficient contemporary kitchens these days. We install the best cabinets, trolleys, and shelves to help you get more cooking done without having to look for mission-critical utensils all the time. We also make changes to Hob, Chimneys, faucets, etc. to make sure each and every element in your kitchen syncs with the overall design language we have tailormade to your vision.


  • Your Living Room Design: The living room is where life is, where it all happens, big and small celebrations, memories are made. We at Mumbai Interior work on designing immaculate living room interior designs that live and breathe joy and natural harmony. Whether you like the bold look or are more into a minimalist zen look Mumbai Interior has got you covered. From our extensive spread of color palettes, and material library you have a really wide array of themes to choose from. We consider the size, shape, texture, pattern, forms, space, and lines to present you with an aesthetically pleasant and breathable living room.


  • Your Bedroom Design: Everyone deserves a cozy sleep after a supercharged day of getting a lot done. Our aim is to design your bedroom with elements that are calm, casual, and exude relaxing vibes. From mood lighting to understanding your personal preference for wall colors, and choice of furniture we brew up the best mix of right ingredients to come up with the ideal bedroom for you and your family where you can truly relax and recharge for the day to come.


  • Your Bathroom Design: From exotic shower solutions to the standard bathrooms, Mumbai Interior is rightly placed to deliver the best washroom solutions for you. The bathroom is one of the most ignored spaces of our home, with no thought given to the design elements more or less. We make it a point to not only keep your bathroom functional but also include contemporary design elements to provide you with a complete bathroom experience. We have an extensive portfolio of washroom solutions, faucets, shower bars, overhead and body shower solutions, globally recognized bathtub designs, and brands to choose from.


  • Your Home Office Design: The last couple of years have taught us one thing more than anything else and that is to have a productive work-from-home setup. When our expert interior designers begin designing your home we make it a point that there is a seamless flow of traffic from every angle and corner of your home so that it seems like a single big expanse instead of clusters of spaces loosely connected, at the same time we make it a point that this central idea makes sufficient room for your individual personal space as well.

We always charge a budget that you can afford:

Our finished project reflects perfection without any essence of exaggeration. Customers’ needs are prioritized, forwarding the best planning, designing, installation, and execution. We refrain from going over the edge as it will make your home look artificially over-designed, unwantedly congesting the corners.

Quality of life is essential in the standard of living. We never compromise on quality, materials, and detailing. Most importantly, all the outstanding elements of home interior design come within your budget. For an affordable interior design service that makes the best possible use of your house’s available space, turning it into a loving and caring ‘Home’, get in touch with Mumbai Interior.

Call us today and get the Best Home Interior Designs from our professionals. Mumbai Interior is known as the Best Home Interior Designer in Mumbai having years of experience in this field.

These are some common points which make us the #1 Home Interior Designing Firm in Mumbai for the last 32+ Years.

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